Secret is Being Positive
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It will be 3 against 1 not 2
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Enter RXII of Stars/Swords                                                                                 Exit RVIII of Moons/Cups
Spinning out of control                                                 X                                     The family gathers 
Trying too hard to control                                     XVIII        XX                           Satisfied  in happiness 
                                                                       XV       XVI        V
                                        `                           VI       RI        II        XI
SUNS -       WANDS -    COOPER 
MOONS -    CUPS -       SILVER
Enter with the energy spinning out of control with self centered impulses. After a tempting entry the power shifts. Negative energy shifts to true destiny. Good fortune and progress. Expectations are met for someone. But for whom? Initial forecast is a Red overwhelming victory.

Cross roads of the heart. Sense of truth goes by definition. The Gods are set a furry. All need to seek. 
In lays the split. To return to balance. Once and fore all. Or lose control to the end. 
A major change of heart. Sense of truth that goes by definition. The God's are set a furry. All need to seek as there lays the split. Balance returns.

Wise to regain values; Religion. Having faith in more than the self. Family makes a community and a community makes a Nation. Clearing the path by reassessing. A sharp change will occur bringing us closer together.. Cleansing. 

Lust for lust must end. Stop knowing what is best for others. End psychosis. Regain principles of unification.
Courage and strength. Things are note as bad as seem. A huge growth. Wise decisions lead to a natural world of wisdom. All can be accomplished. 

There are those who complain greatly. Pointing fingers to a fault; Resist. Optimistic union as the crossroads The wicked few will be hidden.

                                                         It will be a Blue Wave slaughter. 
                                                         I predict a major Red Wave win.